How to pick out a good suit

A good suit is three things:

- It's made from the right materials
- It's well fitted
- It doesn't feel heavy

The best material for you depends on whether you're looking for durability or luxury. Choosing a Super 100's material means your suit will be durable and comfortable to wear. A Super 130's or higher material is much finer, lighter and softer and usually cost a bit more.

Getting a suit off the peg is fine, but it will almost never fit you perfectly. Getting a made-to-measure suit means that the suit wasn't made with you in mind, but it can get altered to your measurements. Getting a bespoke suit, means that the suit was made from scratch, for you and only you.

Making a suit feel light, is down to the interlining. All of our tailored suits come with half canvas, meaning your suit won't weigh you down, won't cost too much and you'll be able to wear it wherever you need it.

To customise a good suit for yourself, head on over to our materials section or if you're just looking for something simple and elegant, check out our standard suits collection.